Groom Makeup


Yes you saw and heard it right! We at Mac3 Makeover Studio offer Groom Makeup Services too. Imagine when the bride is decked up well and the groom stands beside with absolute no makeup! It would make him look dull next to his bride who’ll be with good makeup and it would be evident on photos too.. These days, more number of grooms opt to have a minimal makeover done for themselves to look good on their D-Day, after all Marriage is not dream come true moment just for the bride but for the groom as well. Also, due to excessive exposure to lights on the stage, they tend to sweat a lot and their face gets dull easily. This is where a little bit of makeup comes to the rescue.

We would give suggestions as to how to style yourself based on what attire you chose. We would also give you tips on maintaining your skin and hair, which if followed will be of great advantage during the wedding. Like how we make sure to use the right shade of base and foundation for the brides, we also ensure that we don’t make the groom look layered up as a “no makeup” make up look is what will be the best for any groom. We make sure to use sterilized and cleansed makeup applicators, brushes and sponges after every single use to ensure hygiene. We also use the best products in the market that are safe for your skin.

Unlike women, we also need to keep in mind that “nude make up” is the kind of best choice for any groom as anything done even a little more than what is required will make him look overdone. But at the same time, defining his features and setting his hair, beard and mustache is important to give the groom a complete look. Also many men prefer to show some difference in their looks based on the event. For instance, they choose to go for a quirky look for sangeet or reception and would settle for something classy and subtle for the muhurtham. And since more men are ready to experiment with various styles these days, groom makeup and grooming services has become an inevitable part of any wedding.

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