Maternity Shoot Makeup


Motherhood is bliss, Motherhood is heavenly and it is one of the most important and beautiful journey in a girl’s life. It is generally told that a girl becomes a complete woman once she becomes a mother. Motherhood plays such significant role in a woman’s life and imagine planning a specially customized shoot during your pregnancy to keep the memories of your pregnancy forever?! Or even when you are planning to host a baby shower ceremony which is customary in our tradition - in such cases won’t you want to look your best for the shoot?! Gone are the times when shoot was just a luxury. These days, everyone is keen in capturing all the important ceremonies and phases in their life and why look dull when you can get a nice makeover done from us?!

Right from conceiving to delivering, it is a wonderful journey for all the would-be mothers. If you’re planning for a maternity photo shoot to capture those awesome moments forever, boasting your baby bump, then we can help you with a customized maternity shoot makeup. Pregnancy is life changing and it takes a toll on a woman’s body - thanks to the hormonal changes a woman goes through. This can affect your look and appearance as well. Also, many women undergo sleeplessness, fatigue, weight gain, swollen face and what not! You name it and they got it!! A quick maternity shoot makeup makes you look your best, hiding all the tiredness puffiness from your face.

We ensure to use the best brand of makeup products that are safe for your skin and also use sterilized and well cleansed make up applicators that will not harm your skin in anyway. From saree draping to fixing your hair - we look after your entire makeover & styling needs to make sure you have an excellent and memorable maternity shoot to cherish for lifetime. Make the best memories out of your pregnancy by looking your best with our customized maternity shoot makeup service exclusively brought to you by Mac3 Makeover Studio.

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