Party Makeup


Heading to a bestie’s birthday bash? Attending an award night? Taking part in a corporate event or an after party event? Add some color and bling to your looks by getting a neat makeover done at our Mac3 Makeover Studio. A good hairstyle and decent makeover will make a world of a difference in the way you carry yourself in the crowd. Don’t just settle in for your same boring clothes and turn up for the event as one in hundred. Be the centre of attraction at the event by standing out from the rest.

We sit with you to help you decide on your look with accordance to the theme of the party or the event and choose makeup to compliment your entire look for the day. It could be anything traditional or contemporary - let us know your thoughts and we shall work on it. Wearing makeup not just helps to cover your flaws but it also enhances your features and makes you present yourself with more confidence. It also shows that you do spend time for yourself for self-care and makes you love yourself a little more than you normally do.

We chose the best of products in the market that are safe for your skin and doesn’t look patchy or cakey with time. We make sure to use sterilized and cleansed makeup applicators, brushes and sponges after every single use to ensure hygiene. You are in safe hands and you need not have doubts about skin allergies etc as we pay attention to those issues by using high end products and well cleaned applicators.

You could get your package customized based on your requirements and budget. Why still wait, call us for a discussion or drop in for a face to face chat!


Professional Makeup

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boost to your career.

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